K8s on Bare metal: Teleport by helm

Helm Charts here, I use terraform + helm provider to install teleport charts. We have to start from here:

K8s on Bare metal: Servers

This is a series posts which illustrates how to start a brand new k8s cluster on bare metal servers. I will introduce all the procedure of that and sh

Migrate Big Table in MySQL

Migrate MySQL big table(50 Million) rows using insert into xxx select * from yyy and it said ERROR 1206 (HY000): The total number of locks exceeds the

Helm stucking at "Uninstalling" Status

Sometimes if we do not pay attention to the helm release uninstallation order, like we removed one release which includes CRDs and then we try to remo

K8s ETCD 集群备份

因为云计算的快速发展,K8s 早已经成为了现代服务的核心。而作为 K8s 的核心,etcd 集群自然有着至关重要的位置。如果使用的是云厂商托管的 K8s 那么相对简单一些,K8s 本身的升级和维护基本上云厂商都会负责,无需投入太多精力,只要定期安排好时间配合厂商做一下升级即可。但是如果是自建的 K8

Docker compose pull EOF fix

Get "https://ghcr.io/v2/immich-app/immich-machine-learning/manifests/sha256:faa7e3deefad043bb7b68a64bc6ef7b5d38527095e99dfc976456caad9b0387a": EOF 可能和

TOTP Golang 实现

一个很小的 TOTP 的实现 代码写的非常简洁易懂 代码注释已经说明了每一步的实现 package main import ( "crypto/hmac" "crypto/sha1" "encoding/base32" "encodi


Hello Halo

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