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K8s on Bare Metal: IP Passthrough

I've received complaints about inside biz pods, apps didn't get the right client (instead of public IPv4 IP, they only got in-cluster IPs like 10.233.

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Play with Raspberry Pi 3

Go to here to download Armbian OS or you can choose to download official Raspberry Pi OS. Both of Armbian and PiOS are based on Debian(Armbian is on U

d0zingcat d0zingcat 发布于 2024-05-15

K8s on Bare Metal: Persistent Volume Provisioner

We run our severs on bare mental and there are a lot of scenarios we have to use a persistent volume or such things where we need to persist some conf

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How to make OpenCat support Perplexity

In my routine, I always use Perplexity to solve my problems and help find the answers or summarize the web page or "Google that for me". What's more,

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K8s Trivial Questions

Here are some examples or illustrations that I use quite a lot in my work routine. How to reuse env parameter in another one(e.g. assemble many into o

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ArgoCD intermittent updates to manifest fail

Under our scenario we put Github Actions to use argocd cli to update our app's manifest, which is like below - name: Update ArgoCD Image

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Mac App: Mac Mouse Fix

💡 Make sure your mouse uses generic USB driver other than a private or modified protocol, or the below contents may not be applied to your case. Furt

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K8s on Bare metal: Teleport by helm

Helm Charts here, I use terraform + helm provider to install teleport charts. We have to start from here:

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K8s on Bare metal: Servers

This is a series posts which illustrates how to start a brand new k8s cluster on bare metal servers. I will introduce all the procedure of that and sh

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