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Play with Raspberry Pi 3

Go to here to download Armbian OS or you can choose to download official Raspberry Pi OS. Both of Armbian and PiOS are based on Debian(Armbian is on Ubuntu and Ubuntu is on Debian. In other words, Armbian is also a Debian).

As I tend to use this device as my home media manager or a simple experiment workload, that's not quite necessary for me to have a Desktop Environment. Therefore, I choose to download Raspberry Pi OS Lite.

Then use balenaEtcher to flash into SD Card.

After flashing, replug the SD Card (Etcher may eject the drive after flashing automatically). And go to the mounted /boot folder, create a file ssh may enable the sshd service by default.

We can also do it in terminal:

touch /Volumes/bootfs/ssh

Connect it to router by lan and power on. Go to router management web interface and find the new device IP.

But I failed to find a new device in OpenWRT, a little bit weird but it doesn't matter, as I have a monitor and mouse/keyboard on which I can manually handle it.

After starting the device, I found it made me to choose my own username and password, and when I set up the user and it re-entered the command line user interface.

Then get it back to the lan network and I can find the device: